Kingstar Tech is a full information technology (IT) service provider, focusing major consulting in services and Solutions such as Microsoft, IBM, Sun, Oracle to model business processes We are dedicated to supporting our clients business with general administrative guidance and special services resulting in efficient and cost effective solutions to their information technology needs.
We utilize a three-phased approached – Analysis,Design and Implementation to align technology with the achievement of organizational objectives. In doing business, our goal is to develop a long-term relationship with our client, emphasizing accountability and responsibility. We start by developing a clear understanding of client’s current and future needs along with their existing resources. We then provide resources based on sound technology, performance requirement and established industry standards.

Analysis Process.

Organizational Objectives and Management Priorities provide the foundation for our technical assessment.

Kingstar Tech differentiates itself by focusing on the merging of IT with business process to achieve organizational objectives. To accomplish this, we apply a proven analysis to identify our client’s management priorities, outline their key business processes and establish a baseline for their future information technology initiatives. We also have the ability to analyze complex IT systems along with wealth of experience to provide the framework for thorough Analysis. Out IT assessment initiatives are executed in a comparable manner to independent financial audits, providing observation and opinion on the operation of the systems in lights of generally accepted industry practices and standards.

The deliverable from an analysis is a report of financial and recommendations, which can include inventories of hardware and software configuration, bandwidth analysis, technology assessment and resource utilization. The report addresses any problem and or standard violation and provides an overview of the requirement needed to meet the client’s management priorities and organizational objectives

Design Process

Proven Technology, realistic performance and well establish industry standard drive efficient and effective system design.

The competitive hardware and software market can sometimes cause vendors to promote system design that are limited to the companies that they represent. In contrast, we achieves vendor independence, by focusing on maintaining industry leading knowledge of available technology while avoiding vendor affiliations that could influence our recommendations All our design is created with a thorough understanding of the interaction between various technologies to ensure compatibility and manageability. Our recommendation includes software and hardware that are widely accepted in the industry and well supported established companies. We tract industry trends and monitor the activity of national and international standards originations. Which influence the acceptance of existing and emerging technologies.

Implementation Process

Successfully integrating technologies from multiple vendors into a functional IT infrastructure require very specific skill set along with responsibility and accountability.

A strong technological design can result in substandard system performance if not implemented properly. In addition, integrating technologies from multiple vendors can creates confusion regarding responsibility and accountability. When managing multiple vendor installation, we evaluate the functionality and compatibility of all hardware, software, and service component and then cooperate with vendors to resolve potential complications. So, we assume that we design and implement. That way if problems arise- one call can resolve it all in the most efficient and expeditious manner.