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The KINGSTAR COMPUTER TRAINING ACADEMY is the only Training Center where every student passes the Vendor Certificat ion Tests as they go thru the program. That is the very reason the KINGSTAR COMPUTER TRAINING ACADEMY has become synonymous with Vendor Certification and Certification is what employers are looking for! Specializing in Microsoft, Cisco, CompTIA, Linux, Network Security, Novell, Multimedia, and Oracle, Project management, auto desk, IT security, Website and design. Linux Certifications E.T.C the Academy's training process is completely unique and goes unmatched in the training industry. The training can be built around any schedule and every student passes the Vendor Certification Test for the course they are working on before they start the next course. YOU WILL GET CERTIFIED!! with their existing resources. We then provide resources based on sound technology, performance requirement and established industry standards.

Because our program leads to Vendor Certification our students go to work. Every student completes their program completely certified and capable of doing the job the first day. The high demand for certified and capable Kingstar Computer Training Academy students gives the students the ability to start working before they even complete the training. Get Trained - Get Certified - Start a Career!


The Kingstar Computer Training Academy is the NEXT GENERATION in education and training. The Academy's educational system creates a completely flexible training environment that allows you to train one on one with an instructor in our state of the art training facilities for the mastery of hands-on skills and with intelligent-based simulation s and computer based training on a new laptop computer for the mastery of the academic portions of the training. Our Anytime, Anywhere Training Solution creates the flexibility most of us require as working adults. The end result is vendor certification and a thorough hands-on training. YOU WILL GET CERTIFIED!!

Train in our facilities with one on one instruction to master the hands-on skills and train in the comfort of your own setting for the theoretical aspects of the program. Support for all questions can be attained individually in our training facilities with a certified instructor, over the phone, e-mail or on bulletin boards from the best instructors in the world!

The Computer Training Academy™ training philosophy, (SEE IT, HEAR IT, READ IT, WRITE IT, and DO IT!) will provide a thorough hands on and academic training that will lead to complete vendor certification. YOU WILL GET CERTIFIED!!

STEP Certification Process

Have you ever imagined a training program that is designed so that you can master each and every concept as you move through the course? How about a training program that you can never get lost in or left behind. The Kingstar Computer Training Academy STEP Certification Process is exactly that. The process allows each student to move through the program at their own pace mastering each and every concept both academically and hands-on before the next concept is presented. The end result is complete certification and most importantly a thorough Hands-On and Academic training so you can do the job. YOU WILL GET CERTIFIED!!