VSAT Installation & Maintenances

VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminals)
The name VSAT means Very Small Aperture Terminals. They are small, software-driven earth stations (typically 0.9-2.4 meters, which equates to 3-8 feet, though larger units are available) used for the reliable transmission of data, video, or voice via satellite. It requires no staff or additional technology to operate it. It simply plugs into existing terminal equipment.

VSAT satellite communications provide virtually error-free digital data communications and better than 99.9% network reliability
No matter how remote or dispersed your operations are, VSATs provide a link to your headquarters. VSAT can provide remote diagnostics, remote monitoring, and data streaming services from remote or hazardous sites.


We install VSAT (C-Band or KU-Band) in any location round Nigeria at affordable price.
Note:- Access charge is exclusive of installation charge.